Monday, 30 July 2012


Hi all....on the last June 2012...we had launch our RAYA collection named ROMPOMPOM RAYA...For your info, it is our first RAYA Collection, and it's the first fashion design i do besides Wedding dresses...i got to admit that doing fashion for RAYA is really FUN! and I would love to do it more in future.... =)

RomPomPom RAYA
This very first RAYA Collection from Saiful Sin Designs is all about FRESH, VIBRANT & GLAM...! It's actually stand for EXPLOSION of JOY in RAYA behind the meaning of ROMPOMPOM !. Generally, this collection emphasized on the combination of bright colors as base, with gold-ish light brown prada lace, complimented with simple crystal embelishmentBesides that, this collection also imposing NEW thoughts on the idea of Baju Raya (especially for Baju Melayu & Peplum Kebaya in our collection) as FLEXIBILITY & URBANITY was represented by this pieces. Let's have a Splendid Raya with our RomPomPom RAYA 2012 Collection. Million Thanks!

So that's a bit of the write -up for the collection... =)) Now enjoy the photos....Scroll...!

Inspired by Saloma, i wish for a glam, classy, and chic look for the Kebaya...All of the kebaya emphasized on the peplum cutting, which I call it 'Modern Peplum Kebaya' with a simple crystal emblishment mostly around the neck and arms...Besides, I play around the same cutting with the different fabrics, colors & textures to give varieties in impact & look.... =)


*Styling Flexibility gives ideas on how kebaya is wearable.

*Choices is in ur hand, 'vogue' or 'chic' look?

*Peplum Kebaya, let's style it with ur own taste.

*Classy & Elegant... that's the essence of us...! =)


The design idea for these Baju Melayu shirt is actually to make a Baju Melayu as WEARABLE & FLEXIBLE as it can. I want to maximize the use of Baju Melayu not only limited for a certain occasions only. I was actually wanna break the awkwardness of wearing Baju Melayu at anytime & anywhere...As a young people, I was always wish for a more stylish, contemporary, fit & modern style for my Baju Melayu. So by designing this kind of Baju Melayu, its wearable internationally, anyone around the world can wear it...hopefully.. ;)

By having a simple typical shirt cutting, i play around with colors and fabrics patchworks to emphasize the shape of the body. And different fabrics such as brocade, songket, cotton & satin used to merge the contemporary concept in this Baju Melayu collection. Besides, i strongly maintain the main character of Baju Melayu, by having the '3 pockets' at the frontal, Baju Melayu buttons at cuffs & one of them with 'Teluk Belanga' collar  character to give the sense of Baju Melayu... =)

Hope u guys love it... ;)

*Off-white Songket + Cotton base + Songket Sampin

*Maroon Satin + Cotton Pockets + Brocade Sampin

*Blue Shades Candy + Brocade Sampin

*Military + Purple Cotton + Green Lines + Baju Melayu buttons

*Color blocking + Tiffany,Orange,Pink, Grey + Cotton Sampin




So, that's it for now...I hope all of you will like this very first RAYA Collection of us...Thanks & Have a Nice Day... =) by Skell Amore

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

~Princess of the Avant Garde~ Bridal Collection

On last April 2012, we had launch our 'Princess of the Avant Garde'_Bridal Collection...=) and I love it very much!...For this collection, we had put so much efforts in term of ideas, detailing, & finishing to create our VERY own IDENTITY in fashion design for weddings....

"Fresh ideas designed & brought to you by Saiful Sin Couture...~Simple, Interesting & Elegant ~For us, 'avant garde' can be anything, it's free as long as it's unique and new. With main characteristics of shoulder accessories match with the ‘selendang’ hood, we play a lot, with flare fabrics cutting to represent the ‘Bridal & Princess Look’." 

Let’s ‘Make Your Perfect Dream Comes Alive’ exclusively only with us, at Saiful Sin Couture (Wedding & Designs Gallery).For, any inquiries please directly pm us at our official email address at

So here's the photos...Enjoy!

Black Songket Dress

Creme Songket Dress

Green Arabian Dress

Blue-ish Grey Shaded Gown

Salmon Pink Muslimah Dress

Purple Shades Dress

White Long Dress

So, kepada bakal pengantin yang berminat untuk menggunakan khidmat kami untuk 'Hari Bahagia' us directly at'We Make Your Perfect Dream Comes Alive'...=)

Don't forget to visit our facebook page here... =)

New Pelamin Designs by Saiful Sin Couture

Here, I publish Pelamin Collections for you to take a look...=)

My masterpiece! originally from my heart from sketch to reality....=)  


Pelamin ni sesuai untuk buat kat rumah & untuk pasangan yg SIMPLE plus ELEGANT...loike!


Pelamin ni sgt simple je actually, tapi its very POP, FUN & CELEBRATIVE! sesuai sgt untuk majlis Pertunangan, Akad Nikah ataupun Reception (pd skala yg lebih besarla)


Pelamin Crystal Stands ni bertemakan SIMPLE but NICE & ELEGANT...kpd pasangan yg mengimpikan majlis yang modern, decent, simple but still wanna have a touch of an 'exclusive wedding' us at Saiful Sin Couture, 'We Make Your Perfect Dreams Comes Alive'...=)

If interested, just email us directly at, i x publish all of my pelamin design kat cni, so u are the most welcome to visit our gallery to view more EXTRAVAGANT & NEW DESIGN PELAMIN...=) Have a Nice Day guys!!!